Nobody Asked Me: A Teacher’s Opinion on School Reopening

I have spent MY ENTIRE LIFE since I was six years old in PUBLIC SCHOOLS. That’s 55 years. This teacher knows what she’s talking about.

Teacher Life

Everyone has an opinion about how and if schools should reopen for this coming school year. We’ve heard from the governors, the pediatricians, the parents, the education secretary, and the president. Everyone has a “study” and “research” to back up their claims, but unfortunately (as always with decisions made in education) they do not have one very important thing- experience in a classroom. In classrooms filled to max capacity with five year olds who don’t even know how to blow their own noses, where the teacher:student ratio is 1:28 or in some cases even higher. Classrooms where the teachers are already begging parents for tissues, hand sanitizer and antibacterial wipes, even in a pre-Covid world. Classrooms and hallways and bathrooms filled with teenagers who think they are invincible. School buildings with no extra rooms, without central air, where there are 4 sinks for over 200 students to use. As a…

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How to Work From Home

I’ve worked from home a fair amount of my adult life. For the last 25 years I have had a job in higher education – but I have only had to be at my university office location for certain times during the week. It has been 25 years since I’ve had to show up somewhere [...]

Some Major/Minor Differences Between APA 6 and 7

I’m currently working on editing two dissertations. One is to be in APA 6, and the other (different university) is to be in APA 7. Of course I had gotten used to/comfortable with APA 6 over the last decade, so am referring to the new manual a lot now! I’m also having to refer to [...]

APA 7 – What’s new?

As I’ve noted on my Facebook page, and hinted at in a previous post, APA has published their 7th edition of the Publication Manual. I received my copy in early October and have spent some time going through it. I have compiled a list of 20 changes that I think are noteworthy for those of [...]

Writer’s Block

Lately, I've gotten a couple of inquiries from potential clients who need help editing their dissertations. They each said they would send their work by a certain date, and I agreed with them about when I would return the edited work to them. All good. Well, for both of them, the dates came and went, [...]

Coming soon – APA 7th Edition!

I was on vacation, minding my own business, and staying away from all computers and e-mail while I enjoyed the Southern California sun... Except, I do have e-mail on my phone, and I happened to see a subject line that caught my eye. You may have heard the news, too! This fall, APA will be [...]

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