How to Work From Home

I’ve worked from home a fair amount of my adult life. For the last 25 years I have had a job in higher education – but I have only had to be at my university office location for certain times during the week. It has been 25 years since I’ve had to show up somewhere [...]

Some Major/Minor Differences Between APA 6 and 7

I’m currently working on editing two dissertations. One is to be in APA 6, and the other (different university) is to be in APA 7. Of course I had gotten used to/comfortable with APA 6 over the last decade, so am referring to the new manual a lot now! I’m also having to refer to [...]

APA 7 – What’s new?

As I’ve noted on my Facebook page, and hinted at in a previous post, APA has published their 7th edition of the Publication Manual. I received my copy in early October and have spent some time going through it. I have compiled a list of 20 changes that I think are noteworthy for those of [...]

Writer’s Block

Lately, I've gotten a couple of inquiries from potential clients who need help editing their dissertations. They each said they would send their work by a certain date, and I agreed with them about when I would return the edited work to them. All good. Well, for both of them, the dates came and went, [...]

Coming soon – APA 7th Edition!

I was on vacation, minding my own business, and staying away from all computers and e-mail while I enjoyed the Southern California sun... Except, I do have e-mail on my phone, and I happened to see a subject line that caught my eye. You may have heard the news, too! This fall, APA will be [...]

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